Recycled Plastic Play Equipment

We have developed a new and exciting range of recycled plastic play equipment equipment including adventure/trim trail items made out of 100% HDPE. You may have noticed that there are a lot of picnic tables in schools playgrounds nowadays made out of this material and there are some very good reasons why:

Features and Benefits

* Maintenance free as it does not rot, corrode or splinter

* Crack proof and does not have “shakes” (like traditional timber)

* Eco friendly as it is made out of recycled plastic bottles and is fully recyclable at the end of its use

* UV resistant with little colour loss due to direct sunlight

* Resistant to graffiti, insects and algae

* Less flammable than traditional timber and resistant to most chemicals

* Hard wearing and exceptionally durable – typically lasting five times longer than timber and does not degrade with age

So some very good reasons to make play equipment out of this material as well! We are therefore able to offer trim trail packages (with attendant safety surfacing if so required) or you can buy the items individually. Perhaps add them to your existing trim trail and see how they fare together.

And your site manager will be a very happy bunny because the on-going maintenance required is minimal!

For further details and a quote on our recycled plastic play equipment range, please give us a call.