Fire Pit Shelter & Outdoor Classroom

This unique fire pit shelter and outdoor classroom combines two functions – firstly it can act both as a shelter for your forest school or outdoor learning area plus you can use it as an outdoor classroom and teaching facility.

But it has a fire-pit built in the middle which the children can either conduct their outdoor cooking on or use it as a means to warm up by! The fire pit shelter, with its in-built benches, will provide natural protection from the wind and will create a cozy, enclosed area for a relaxed time around the fire area. A Forest School practitioner will need to carry out the daily site risk assessments and provide for adequate safety.

If a fire pit is going to be sited in the middle of the shelter, then we allow for a hole or vent to be cut into the apex of the roof to allow for the smoke to adequately exhaust. And we also allow for the application of a fire retardant intumescent varnish to be applied to the underside of the roof.

Benefits and Features

* Manufactured out of quality cedar wood which requires very little or no maintenance

* Hole in the roof to allow for the smoke to naturally ventilate and exhaust – this hole can also be covered with our two tier capping roof system which stops rainwater coming through but still allows for adequate smoke ventilation

* Roof made from attractive cedar shingle tiles

* Available in three sizes – namely 3m, 4m and 5m

* Blends into any natural wood or forest setting

* Cedar-made high back benching to as many sides as you like dependent upon class sizes

* A coat of intumescent varnish is applied to the underside of the roof and the leg support posts

* Delivery and installation services available