Natural Play

Natural play is essentially what children do when they are not being told what to do! Free from swings, play towers and rubber safety surfacing if you will.

We want to encourage children – and just as importantly their teachers – to rediscover the natural play environment as a place to explore and enjoy. To play naturally without any formal structure.

We work with schools by including natural play opportunities and activities into a range of spaces so that we can add to children’s experience and enjoyment of outdoor play…for example pond dipping and den building. We can design and build natural play areas to your specific environment and setting based on our experience and knowledge as to what stimulates children to want to explore further than ever before and to try out new things. Sadly wild and natural outdoor spaces can be a rare sight nowadays, especially in urban areas and so some children can be completely unfamiliar with a natural garden space, earth and animals. However, by including natural play opportunities and activities into  your school playground (or Forest School area) we can see the enjoyment and discoveries that can be made in playing in natural surroundings.

But with a little imagination and creative flair, we can convert even a concrete jungle into something natural and special. A lot of natural play these days comes through the Forest School initiative where children are encouraged to play within a natural environment and we do get asked a lot therefore to provide for outdoor shelters and outdoor classrooms where the children can either seek refuge from the elements or be taught. We have even supplied buildings which have been used as a fire pit shelter with a fire pit in the middle!

We do have an extensive range which you will see in the pages below but if you had something specific in mind, please do let us know.