Eco Schools Ideas

Would you like to download our Eco Schools zone brochure?

A lot of schools in the UK are now accredited under the Eco Schools programme and so to assist in this process, we have put together a range of unique and creative Eco School ideas which compliment the major themes – namely RENEWABLE ENERGY, BIO-DIVERSITY, SCHOOL GROUNDS, HEALTHY LIVING, RE-CYCLING & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.

These products are designed to be fun and engaging so that children will actually want to participate and thereby learn about the sustainability knowledge process, time and time again. Our whole ethos is to create products which involve and engage the children: monitor, measure and use green energy from the sun, water and wind; pedal a dynamo bike to create enough power for laptops and tablets; build an “igloo” den from recycled milk carton bottles.

For ease of ordering and reference, we have put together the various products into clearly defined Eco Schools ideas, categories or zones…so you can start with one package and add on other zones over time. If we are going to make any significant difference to help saving our planet, then awareness about environmental issues and embracing social responsibilities has to come as second nature to this generation of school children.

For further information on the Eco Schools programme, please visit their website given below: