Aviva Community Trust Grant

We have just been made aware of a new grant from the Aviva Community Trust which schools could be eligible to apply for.

You can apply for quite a bit of money (up to £25K) and having looked at how you enter (they have some very good and easy to use instructional videos on their website of how to apply, how best to apply, how to put an accompanying video together on a smart phone etc), it looks quite straightforward. It looks like it operates a little bit like Tesco’s Bags of Help award i.e. you apply, put your best foot forward as to why your project is important and backed up with photos and video etc and then get in as many votes as you can from the local community. Whoever gets the most votes seems to go before a final judging panel who decide as to who gets what.
It appears that schools with an income of £1m and below can apply (although like all grants they are wanting to support projects which benefit the wider community as well as your school). But this is something which your school could get its PTA behind as well to put forward your bid and drum up a lot of local support.
But there is a deadline date of 10th October to apply!
Worth doing though I think as these grants don’t come around that often but please undertake your own more detailed research on this as I have really only just looked at their website.
Here is the link: